Pathology Lab Solutions

iQLab’s specialized team is dedicated to supporting physician and pathology practices in the creation of in-office laboratories. We offer comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, from designing the laboratory to its setup, and ensure ongoing compliance with all necessary processes.
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Pathology Lab Services

Laboratory Design
We specialize in creating in-house pathology labs that are compliant, efficient, and ergonomic. Our design process considers your space and budget constraints, ensuring the lab incorporates all essential equipment, services, and fixtures. This results in a lab that is not only profitable but also fully compliant with Federal, State, and Local regulations.
Laboratory Set-Up
Our distinctive laboratory set-up services encompass the entire process, from meticulous planning and budgeting to construction, equipment placement, staffing, and credentialing. Differentiating ourselves from equipment-focused companies, we collaborate with you to select the most suitable equipment and supplies tailored to meet your specific requirements
Laboratory Management
Whether you currently operate a lab or are contemplating transforming an existing area into a pathology lab, our array of solutions is uniquely tailored to meet your needs. Leveraging our profound expertise in laboratory management, Lighthouse provides diverse options that perfectly align with your project.
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What Sets Us Apart

Striving for an optimal blend, iQLab’s approach to the Physician Office Pathology Laboratory intertwines patient-centric, high-quality workplace practices with streamlined techniques. The iQLab Pathology Lab Solutions team stands alongside you, offering guidance throughout the journey of setting up your in-house lab. Our customized professional services and equipment options are designed to align seamlessly with the specifics of your practice and budget, presenting avenues for expansion. iQLab boasts a track record of delivering trustworthy results.
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