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Growing labs, simplifying business.
At the heart of every lab is the team that makes it all happen. With years of real-world experience, IQ Lab Consultants provides trusted guidance to our clients across the country. We connect labs with the resources they need to succeed in an increasingly complex environment.

Insight where it counts

That’s what sets us apart.
Providing full continuity from initial lab startups to compliance training and quality assurance, we are committed to delivering the right services to meet your business goals. Whether we are consulting on equipment recommendations or optimizing workflows for additional testing lines, our leaders exemplify the expertise businesses need to get ahead quickly.

Who we are

Experienced and driven to create sustainable growth.
Every member of our team is a highly qualified professional with extensive laboratory experience. Familiarity with CLIA regulations ensures that we deliver up-to-date advice that protects our clients and supports their labs’ future developments. Believing in the importance of personable service, we work directly with our clients to deliver actionable insights and real-world results that help labs support their communities better than ever before.

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