Laboratory Inspection Preparation Services

Is Your Lab Compliant? Inspection Preparation Services
Elevate your laboratory readiness with our inspection preparation services, designed to proactively uncover and address potential issues before federal inspections. Whether you’re gearing up for CLIA, COLA, or CAP inspections, or considering the purchase of an existing clinical laboratory, our due diligence inspections offer a comprehensive assessment. By identifying and resolving issues in advance, our services not only save you valuable time and effort but also enhance your confidence in achieving seamless success during your CLIA, COLA, or CAP inspection.
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Here’s how we can help you:

Achieve flawless inspection outcomes with our consulting team, renowned for guiding clients to zero deficiencies. Our expertise encompasses meticulous preparation for CLIA, COLA, and CAP inspections.
Engage our Scientific Team for an on-site mock inspection tailored to ready your lab for the rigors of CLIA, COLA, and CAP evaluations. Following this comprehensive assessment, we furnish a detailed report featuring improvement suggestions and correction plans. This service caters to both labs aiming for initial inspection readiness and those undergoing accreditation surveys. Beyond compliance, our mock inspection offers valuable insights to you and your team, ensuring preparedness and operational efficiency. Elevate your laboratory’s capabilities through our streamlined process, ensuring you run smoothly in anticipation of inspections.

  • Initial Inspection Ready
  • Accreditation Inspection Ready
  • After Inspection – Lab Corrective Action which includes interpreting the survey summary, writing plans of improvement, and consulting on the implementation of Plan of Required Improvement (PRI).
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