LIS Software management

Laboratory Information System

Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) software offers seamless integration with up to two instrument interfaces and one interface with the Illinois Department of Health. In addition to this advanced connectivity, we provide a client portal setup for enhanced user interaction and accessibility. This comprehensive solution ensures efficient communication between your laboratory instruments and the state health department, streamlining operations and facilitating a userfriendly experience through our dedicated client portal. With our LIS software, you can optimize workflow, enhance data management, and effortlessly navigate interfaces, empowering your laboratory with cutting-edge technology and connectivity.

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LIS Software Solutions

The Provider Portal serves as an online platform designed to facilitate seamless interactions and transactions between healthcare providers and the system. This user-friendly portal offers a centralized space where healthcare professionals can access essential information, submit documentation, and engage in communication pertinent to patient care and administrative processes.
Secure & Compliant

IQ Lab Consultant upholds the highest government security standards for both data transmission and storage, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable information. Recognizing that data security is an ongoing responsibility rather than a singular certification, our team of dedicated IT experts consistently works vigilantly to proactively address potential threats. We maintain a steadfast commitment to contemplating and safeguarding your data security, allowing you to focus on your core activities with confidence, knowing that your information is in capable hands.

Audit Logs & Access

IQ Lab Consultant employs Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to guarantee that employees possess access rights solely to the information essential for their job functions, preventing unauthorized access to irrelevant data. Our system includes comprehensive audit logs for every action taken, ensuring strict adherence to HIPAA compliance and instilling a sense of security for our valued customers. At IQ Lab Consultant, we prioritize robust access controls and meticulous audit tracking to safeguard sensitive information and enhance the overall security posture for our clients.


At IQ Labs Consultant, we take immense pride in our commitment to customization, aligning our services precisely with the unique needs of your laboratory. From the flexibility of selecting personalized report templates to configuring your libraries/macros and defining specialized testing profiles, we ensure a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet all your requirements. Your laboratory’s distinct needs are our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing a customized experience that goes above and beyond.

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